Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Belanger Deserved Better

Let me lead by saying that GMGM and Boudreau have done wonders for reviving the franchise and building a fantastic team, and their work over the past decade at the NHL and AHL levels has been top-notch.
That being said, their jobs are not lifetime appointments. You can work hard and do well, but when that stops, your job should be less than secure. The lack of playoff success should put Boudreau on the hot seat, and I think that most agree with me there. Our team has had plenty of regular season success, but for nearly 40 years we've been haunted by the lack of a Cup.
GMGM has built a great team. But the past two years have been pretty poor, in my opinion. Contract extensions for guys like Erskine, Steckel, and Sloan (without debate our current three worst consistent starters), the lack of activity during free agency this year (no defensemen when there was ample opportunity and cap space), and now the Belanger mess. If we don't win the cup this year, and if GMGM doesn't prove that he knows something we all don't, then a change in management is needed.

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