Saturday, April 23, 2011

Brief Game 5 Recap

They actually did it, they finished a series in under seven games. For now the Caps can take a breather and watch how things play out Easter Sunday before they gear up for another series. Five thoughts:
  1. Told you that line of Ovechkin, Backstrom, and Laich would produce a bit of magic. Ovi and Laich led the game with two points apiece, a goal and an assist for the captain and two helpers for Laich. 
  2. After blocking yet another shot with his ear, Green is reportedly fine. Good to hear, since he was the only player on the team to have a point in every game of the series, ending it with a goal and four assists. Not too shabby for a guy who missed 26 out of 28 games leading up to the playoffs.
  3. Fehr play a non-injured team low 10:16 in minutes, including 1:58 on the powerplay. I don't know what he did to get on Boudreau's S-list, but it must have been bad. Maybe he got the Verizon Center's ice cream vendors to stop serving Bruce.
  4. Another big-hitting game, with the Rangers barely edging out the Capitals 32-31 in the game. This was quite the rough and tumble series. Luckily everyone has some time to recover. The Caps get a few days rest before they play their next series, and Avery and the Rangers will get some sun and fresh air out on the links.
  5. Last thought? Enjoy your Easter Sunday and Monday!

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