Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quick Game 4 Preview, or Why Boudreau Makes Me See Red

First off, I know I'm not crazy. Second, I'm pretty sure Boudreau is. Despite what some may be saying, quotes from Caps players (see the second link) indicate that Knuble probably will not be in the lineup tonight. This almost certainly means that Fehr will finally see ice time. Going back to my previous posts and the first link in this post, it would seem logical that Fehr, a right winger who creates and capitalizes on chances, would slide into Knuble's spot on the top line. Maybe Semin, a right winger with superstar skills, would move up from the second line and Fehr would fit into his spot. If nothing else, a right winger would take Knuble's spot on the top line, seeing as that spot is in fact at right wing.

Boudreau, ever playing mind games, must wake up each morning and say to himself "Chimera is awesome. Chimera is awesome. Chimera is awesome." How else would you explain Chimera, a left-wing grinder, a guy whose best in-game attribute is "grit," being moved to fill Knuble's roll on the top line? At various points throughout the season, Chimera was on the top line. There were times when the line clicked, but more often than not Chimera over-skated a play, or misread a pass, or otherwise looked uncomfortable and out of place playing with Ovi and Backstrom. Their skills are not matched up for offensive success, something this team desperately needs against the Rangers. Ovi-Backstrom-Fehr, however, saw great success, albeit only appearing in eight games as of 1/12/11. There are days when I watch the Caps play, and I see them win, and I think "Maybe I'm wrong, maybe Boudreau has it right." But then I realize that is crazy talk, and the team only wins because it has superb players, and they should be winning much more easily against these teams, and why the hell are they getting outshot, and... okay, maybe I'm a little crazy, but Bruce drove me there.

Are you not entertained?!
So for the actual preview of tonight. With the game starting with Chimera on the top line, and Fehr presumably on the third, I doubt the Capitals will start the game with an offensive burst. After Boudreau's comments regarding MSG and Ranger's fans, I'm sure the place will be roaring tonight. Luckily for the boys in red, that just fires Ovechkin up. Against my better judgment, I will again predict a Caps win, 4-2. Girardi and Staal did well the last two games holding Ovechkin back, but he has also dealt out a punishing 17 hits over three games, and he still leads the team in points. They are not enough to stop the Russian Machine, and better have tried to break him. Expect Ovi to lead the way again tonight, and Fehr to pot an insurance goal.

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